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Drawing of various cryptocurrencies

What is the way to deal with cryptocurrency taxes?

Mon, January 03

How does the whole tax process work? Crypto and Bitcoin have undoubtedly diverted the public’s attention in recent years. Governments are interested in the blockchain, which is the sphere’s...

Serapeum Expert System

Tax problems solved with Artificial Intelligence part II

Wed, July 14

With the staggering rise in the value of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto traders and enthusiasts may have serious tax questions on their minds. With the Internal Revenue...

Screens and a programmer's own mobile phone

Tax problems solved with Artificial Intelligence

Sat, July 10

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. A pragmatic view.    As new technologies develop in an era of exciting innovations, reliable data collection is undoubtedly important...

Finger pressing the transfer button on a keyboard

Is there a donation between spouses by transfer between bank accounts?

Thu, May 28

Is a large bank transfer from an account held by one spouse to an account held by the other spouse considered as a donation and subject to tax ? A transfer between spouses can be considered a...

Serapeum interface

SerapeumSearch the new search engine in tax matters

Mon, September 16

New Tax Search Engine, SerapeumSearch   We present the new search engine Serapeum Expert System with which you can search for information on all news in Spanish taxation as well as...

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A general reinforcement learning algorithm that masters chess, shogi, and Go through self-play

Thu, December 06

David Silver1,2,*,†, Thomas Hubert1,*, Julian Schrittwieser1,*, Ioannis Antonoglou1, Matthew Lai1, Arthur Guez1, Marc Lanctot1, Laurent Sifre1, Dharshan...


About the economic viability of an independent Catalonia

Sat, October 28

Opinion of several Nobel Prizes in economics about the economic viability of an independent Catalonia The independence of Catalonia can take place in a scenario of agreement with the Spanish...


Companies remaining Catalonia

Sat, October 14

According to the EU, Catalonia is an industrial-based country, which has an open, competitive and sustainable economy, combining talent, creativity, a diversified business fabric and its own system...


Artificial intelligence with the tax advisor

Wed, September 27

In the previous article we referred to the possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to the legal industry. In this we will focus on the possibilities already available to us in the area of...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the legal sector

Tue, September 26

The speed of Artificial Intelligence (IA) is just beginning to gain strength in terms of its use by lawyers and within the legal industry. What is the impact of this technology on the legal...