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Tax Agency

Drawing of various cryptocurrencies

What is the way to deal with cryptocurrency taxes?

Mon, January 03

How does the whole tax process work? Crypto and Bitcoin have undoubtedly diverted the public’s attention in recent years. Governments are interested in the blockchain, which is the sphere’s...

Fachada del Tribunal Supremo

The tax authorities cannot carry out a search without a duly justified reason

Wed, November 11

The Chamber annuls a court order authorizing the request of the Inland Revenue to enter the domicile of a company based on the fact that it had paid taxes below the average for the sector, which...

Finger pressing the transfer button on a keyboard

Is there a donation between spouses by transfer between bank accounts?

Thu, May 28

Is a large bank transfer from an account held by one spouse to an account held by the other spouse considered as a donation and subject to tax ? A transfer between spouses can be considered a...

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Customer credit seizure due diligence is received

Wed, February 28

Customer credit garnishment due diligence has been receivedIn the event that there was no contract of any kind that regulates the commercial relationship or exchange effects in progress with the...

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Increase of productivity bonus for AEAT employees

Wed, February 28

Fuentes: Expansión and  CCOOThe Tax Agency has closed an agreement with the unions that raises the bonus for productivity linked to VAT collection.The increase is close to 38% if a gross VAT...

Billetes de 20 euros con grilletes

Tax Agency against fraud 2018

Sat, January 27

The SII and the new information on financial accounts will be key pillars in the AEAT's fight against fraud.Annual Tax Control Plan GuidelinesIntensive use of data analysis technologies, coupled with...

black list

List of EU tax havens

Thu, December 21

The first European black list of tax havensOn Tuesday 5 December, the ministers of economy and finance of the European Union (EU) will have to take action and adopt the first European black list of...

Time for Taxes

2016 Income Tax: Request for rectification of filed self-assessment tax return

Tue, May 30

2016 Income Tax: Request for rectification of filed self-assessment tax return As a new feature of the 2016 self assessment option, a new specific section has been included for requesting...

Floor Clausules

Income Tax: Taxation of refunds on FLOOR CLAUSES

Tue, May 30

Income Tax: Taxation of refunds on FLOOR CLAUSES A new forty-fourth additional condition is added to Act 35/2006, of 28 November, on Personal Income Tax and the partial modification of acts on...

Familia Numerosa

Deduction for large families

Tue, March 07

 Deduction for large families Beneficiaries: * Taxpayers with the right to the tax-free threshold deduction for descendants or ascendants with disabilities (Articles 58 and 59 of the...