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NFT Games

4 NFT Games Better Than Axie Infinity To Make $100 Per Day

Wed, December 14

NFTs can be used to represent in-game assets, such as digital parcels of land, that are controlled by the user rather than the game developer.22 NFTs allow assets to be traded on third-party...

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Wed, January 12

The answer is "no", but we are in the field of tax law, so there are always many nuances. In general terms, and according to the definition of the European Central Bank, cryptocurrency is a type...


VAT in custody, buying and selling and Crypto Stacking Services

Tue, January 11

Within the European Union, VAT is regulated by the EU itself, and member states must update their legislation to this regulation.Today, continuing with the series on VAT in the EU and...

Serapeum Expert System

Tax problems solved with Artificial Intelligence part II

Wed, July 14

With the staggering rise in the value of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto traders and enthusiasts may have serious tax questions on their minds. With the Internal Revenue...


Can a SERVER in Spain be a permanent establishment?

Thu, November 29

To the extent that the server in Spanish territory used complies with all the requirements set forth below, it would have to be concluded that such server would constitute a permanent establishment...

cognition system

Reduction in Corporate TAX of Software development based on AI

Thu, November 29

Reduction in Spanish Corporate TAX of Software development based on AI  Analyzed Modalities: The creation of procedures developed in computer technology (software) is analyzed for its...

Laptop conectado al mundo

Four Reasons to Oppose Rules on Digital Commerce in the WTO

Mon, August 28

1.- E-commerce proposals would promote greater inequality by reducing real competition and promoting monopolistic and oligopolistic behavior.  “Is it Time to Break Up Google?” Jonathan Taplin...

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Thu, January 28

 Tax Revenue Concept  Taxes are compulsory, unrequited payments to general government. They are unrequited in the sense that benefits provided by government to taxpayers are not...