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Spanish tax questions

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Is there a donation between spouses by transfer between bank accounts?

Thu, May 28

Is a large bank transfer from an account held by one spouse to an account held by the other spouse considered as a donation and subject to tax ? A transfer between spouses can be considered a...

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Joint declaration of income with the family outside Spain

Thu, May 28

Cases in which a joint declaration can be filed with the spouse and children, if they live outside Spain First of all, it is necessary to determine in which state you reside, in principle if you...

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Treatment of profit-sharing by the permanent establishment to the resident head office in Norway

Mon, September 16

A company resident in Norway has a permanent establishment in Spain, which is considering repatriation of profits to its head office in Norway. The head office is resident in Norway, then the...

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Application of double taxation agreement Spain - United Kingdom for IRNR and VAT on rent.

Tue, April 16

Taxation in the Income Tax of non-residents and in the Value Added Tax, of tax residents in the United Kingdom and that develop the activity of renting in Spain. A. Non-Resident Income Tax.As...


Can a SERVER in Spain be a permanent establishment?

Thu, November 29

To the extent that the server in Spanish territory used complies with all the requirements set forth below, it would have to be concluded that such server would constitute a permanent establishment...

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Duty to Bill

Thu, August 03

Duty to Bill in Spain The obligation for business people and professionals to invoice is stated in article 29.2.e) of the General Tax Law 58/2003 of 17 December (Official State Gazette published...

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Do need EU citizens who wish to work in Spain a Tax Code?

Tue, February 21

Do need EU citizens who wish to work in Spain a Tax Code? Yes. In general, EU citizens who wish to work in Spain must have a Foreigner's Identity Number (NIE) issued by the Ministry of the...

Júlia Tax Answer

Which earnings are considered to have been obtained in Spain?

Thu, April 07

The two traditional criteria whereby income can be considered to have been obtained on Spanish territory are the criteria of territoriality and payment The two traditional criteria whereby...

Júlia Tax Answer

General Rules of Double Taxation Agreement in Spain

Tue, April 05

Which country taxes income from professional activities in the event that a Double Taxation Agreement exists? As a general rule, agreements attribute the power to tax income derived from the...

Júlia Tax Answer

It is my understanding that I should not invoice VAT to this client

Wed, March 16

I'm doing some work for a client in the Netherlands. Partly from home and partly at their office in the Netherlands. It is my understanding that I should not invoice VAT to this client. I have...