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Outsource your management

Performance improvement: concentrate all your efforts on the main activity of your business or dedicate it to your private life

Cost reduction: you only pay for the work done. You also save on infrastructure and personnel costs

Saving time: by delegating work, you delegate responsibilities and significantly reduce the steps to be taken

Security: In an area as sensitive as taxation, having the best professionals is a peace of mind


In our section of agency for the self-employed, we offer a complete service through the Internet, as we have online communication systems, which will make the client-advisor connection as comfortable as possible.

The consultancy service for the self-employed includes the following SERVICES:

  • We register you as a freelancer if you are not yet

  • We make the notes for you

  • Telematic presentation of taxes

  • Request for tax deferrals and instalments

  • Permanent advising of all the novelties and legislative variations in fiscal matter, as well as the resolution of all the questions that can be raised by the USER

  • We advise you on tax and accounting matters

  • Answering the Notifications of the Tax Agency and Social Security


  • Elaboration and presentation of the Income Statement

  • Elaboration and presentation of taxes: Inheritances, donations, patrimonial Transmissions, etc

  • Preparation and presentation of IRNR for non-residents

  • Representation in Tax Inspections

  • Reply to Notifications from the tax Agency and other administrations


Other formalities

  • Obtaining of the NIF of Associations and companies. Designed for non-residents

  • Representation in Tax Inspections for Companies.


With this simple form you can ask us what you need and we confirm that it is part of our services and its cost.