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Dibujo de la Fachada del Tribunal económico administrativo central

The extension of the deadline by three months for delays attributable to the taxpayer is automatic.

Thu, January 26

The extension of the maximum duration of the inspection procedure for a period of three months is totally unrelated to the reasons for which the inspected party has belatedly provided documentation....

NFT Games

4 NFT Games Better Than Axie Infinity To Make $100 Per Day

Wed, December 14

NFTs can be used to represent in-game assets, such as digital parcels of land, that are controlled by the user rather than the game developer.22 NFTs allow assets to be traded on third-party...

3D Drawing of the IRPF Logo

Cases of exclusion as income from work in kind for personal income tax purposes

Wed, March 09

If the company grants to its employees the use for the performance of their work, of a cell phone and its accessories or other items. It could be excluded from the performance in kind if it has a...

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Wed, January 12

The answer is "no", but we are in the field of tax law, so there are always many nuances. In general terms, and according to the definition of the European Central Bank, cryptocurrency is a type...


VAT in custody, buying and selling and Crypto Stacking Services

Tue, January 11

Within the European Union, VAT is regulated by the EU itself, and member states must update their legislation to this regulation.Today, continuing with the series on VAT in the EU and...

Bitcoin symbol

VAT on Bitcoin mining

Sat, January 08

Taxation of income obtained by mining for Value Added Tax purposes. In this article I will explain whether to consider VAT on mining operations, and to detail the opinion of the Court of Justice...

Drawing of various cryptocurrencies

What is the way to deal with cryptocurrency taxes?

Mon, January 03

How does the whole tax process work? Crypto and Bitcoin have undoubtedly diverted the public’s attention in recent years. Governments are interested in the blockchain, which is the sphere’s...

Serapeum Expert System

Tax problems solved with Artificial Intelligence part II

Wed, July 14

With the staggering rise in the value of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto traders and enthusiasts may have serious tax questions on their minds. With the Internal Revenue...

Screens and a programmer's own mobile phone

Tax problems solved with Artificial Intelligence

Sat, July 10

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. A pragmatic view.    As new technologies develop in an era of exciting innovations, reliable data collection is undoubtedly important...

Pensioner holding 1 euro

Contributions may be deducted from a pension received from Germany.

Tue, April 27

In the case of pensions received from Germany, for the calculation of the net income from personal work corresponding to such pensions, for Personal Income Tax (LIRPF), the amounts deducted from such...