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Tax news

Calculating tax payments

Spanish Asset-holding company

Sun, March 28

ASSET-HOLDING COMPANIES The main reason why partnerships are formed is in search of tax savings. Within these fiscal effects, the patrimonial society can offer certain advantages to its partners...

Three different kinds of masks

VAT rate for face masks in Spain

Sat, March 27

Application of the 4 percent Value Added Tax rate to deliveries, imports and intra-Community acquisitions of masks. VAT on disposable surgical masks is reduced from 21% to 4%. This decrease...

Drawing of a house and piles of coins in bloom

Wealth Tax in Spain

Thu, March 25

Wealth Tax in Spain Wealth tax (IP) is a direct, general and personal tax on the ownership or possession of wealth, levied on its net value, on a periodic basis. It is a strictly individual tax...

Drawing of professionals moving

The 7p) exemption in the IRPF covers the days of travel to the country of destination or return to Spain.

Tue, March 23

Included among the earned income received for work effectively carried out abroad to which the exemption provided for in Article 7 p) of Personal Income Tax Law 35/2006 applies, are those...

Capital assets such as house, car or cash

Existence of a change in net worth

Tue, March 23

Capital gains and losses are the variations in the value of the taxpayer's assets that become apparent as a result of any change in their composition, unless they are classified as income under this...

Union of the flags of the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom


Wed, December 16

The end of the transitional period for departure from the United Kingdom from the European Union requires information on the criteria, for VAT purposes, applicable to travelers resident in that...

Fachada del Tribunal Supremo

The tax authorities cannot carry out a search without a duly justified reason

Wed, November 11

The Chamber annuls a court order authorizing the request of the Inland Revenue to enter the domicile of a company based on the fact that it had paid taxes below the average for the sector, which...

Passenger Relaxed in Airport

Income tax deductible for geographic mobility

Thu, June 04

We analyse whether, on the occasion of a new employment contract, you are entitled to the application of the reduction for geographical mobility in personal income tax. Article 19.2 of Law 35/...

Front of the Supreme Court in Madrid

Form 390 does not interrupt the prescription of the administration's right to settle the tax

Tue, June 02

The Supreme Court amends its case law on the scope of VAT Form 390 to interrupt the prescription of the administration's right to pay the tax Summary:The jurisprudential doctrine that, in...

Finger pressing the transfer button on a keyboard

Is there a donation between spouses by transfer between bank accounts?

Thu, May 28

Is a large bank transfer from an account held by one spouse to an account held by the other spouse considered as a donation and subject to tax ? A transfer between spouses can be considered a...